"One Stop for Customization and Bulk Ordering"

When we say customization, we mean that you send us your designs or samples and we provide through sourcing in your required quantities. The choice of material and design will always have an impact on your clients where ever they may be.

Test us, by ordering a sample product and see our quality. We are sure, you won't hesitate from ordering in bulk from us too.

Our representative is there 24/7, to assist you in getting to the right product and assisting you in making your decision on what, when and how do you want your products to be. We cant's influence your choice, yet we can help you in making a better one  

Our Products are made from Genuine materials and our finishing will most certainly impress you and your client. We take care as to what parameters of production and design you give us and we try our utmost to match your requirements to the finished good. 

Because Time is money, we keep our dispatches on a tight schedule. We deliver on time and in time for your client to enjoy the goods. We ship throughout the world through courier so as to ensure delivery and security of your good be ensured.

Our Product Lineup


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Our Services

Customization Services

Our customization services includes designing, patterning, cutting and finishing products of your choice. We can source any product if you provide us with details and description down to the last stitch and see you product come to life.

Material Services

You can choose from a variety of material including Leather, Fleece, Parachute, Cordura, Jersey etc to get your products manufactured. We provide the best quality material at market competitive prices so you don't have to worry about your budget.

Support Services

We can give you the best customer service support 24/7. If you need repairs to any of your products we are here to help. Show us the damage and we will repair it for you to make your product look new and improved.

Proofing and Steel Toeing Services

We provide fire, water, heat proofing to leather, especially for biker jackets. We can also steel toe boots for strength and toughness.

Silk Embroidery Services

We have the setup to provide silk embroidered work for you. May it be leather or cotton, silk embroidery can be done on any material which will give a unique look to your products. We can also make military and civilian patches in 50% to 100% Embroidery.

Procurement/Outsourcing Services

What you need, we get for you from the market. If it’s something that we don’t produce in-house, we can procure it for you at market competitive rates. From the smallest of items to any size or configuration and to your need we can manage to procure for you.

Corporate Services

We can provide our customers with corporate support in how to manage a small to medium business so that when our clients are ready to expand they are equipped with the knowledge of the Garment sector.

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